ALO is a premium extra virgin olive oil with excellent quality produced by the olive groves of the Zacharakis family in limited quantities by the process of cold elision.

The word ALO comes from logographic of Linear B’ and means something different (“állo”, “different”).

The superiority of ALO is due to the selected middle- maturing and very low-acid fruits as well as its unique flavour, scent and characteristic colour.


Species: of the olive trees consist of a unique and constant each year composition that creates an exemplar
blend of raw material and provides the oil with representative colour, superb scent and rich taste.

Plant-Protection: involves the contemporary protection measures that Zacharakis family applies with the constant care of the olive trees. The daily concern, the continuous supervision and the timely application of updated methods of prevention formulates the necessary protection shield for the establishment of the oil’s high quality standard.

Harvest: of the olives realized with time related selection ensuring that each olive tree will harvested at the highest level of performance taking advantage of the quantitative characteristics for the seeds at the ideal stage of their maturity.

Transportation: of the olives takes place on the same day of the harvest by applying non-destructive methods of transportation.

Milling: The method of cold elision (under 28οC) is implemented in a two-phase ecological olive mill and under excellent conditions in order to preserve the flavour and the maximum percentage of the nutrients in the olive oil. This process is responsible for the production of extra virgin olive oil rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and E, fat acids and Ω3, Ω6 and polyphenols, ingredients that shield the perfect quality of the olive oil ALO and guarantee its specificity.